Possible Mediums

The Possible Mediums project is a series of events showcasing design investigations based in speculative architectural mediums.


Possible Mediums

The Possible Mediums project is a series of events showcasing design investigations based in speculative architectural mediums and is organized by Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet, Adam Fure and Kyle Miller.


Ellie Abrons
Andrew Atwood
Kutan Ayata
Kelly Bair, Co-Founder
Kristy Balliet, Co-Founder
Jennifer Bonner
Laurel Broughton
Brennan Buck
Brandon Clifford
McLain Clutter
Angela Co
Greg Corso
Justin Diles
David Freeland
Claus Benjamin Freyinger
Adam Fure, Co-Founder   
Joanna Grant
Stewart Hicks
Andrew Holder
Molly Hunker
Mariana Ibañez
Jason Kelly Johnson
Thomas Kelley
Simon Kim
Andrew Kovacs
Jimenez Lai
Michael Loverich
Alex Maymind
Wes McGee
Kyle MillerCo-Founder
Meredith Miller
Thom Moran
Anna Neimark
Allison Newmeyer
Carrie Norman
William O’Brien Jr.
Kyle Reynolds
Bryony Roberts
Mike Szivos
James Michael Tate
Clark Thenhaus
Antonio Torres
Michael Young
With additional contributions from:
Cristina Goberna
Dora Epstein Jones
Jeffrey Kipnis
Mark Linder
John McMorrough
Whitney Moon
Hilary Sample
Michael Speaks





5 October 2018
Kelly BairKristy BallietAdam Fure, and Kyle Miller are joined by Sylvia Lavin at Syracuse University's Fisher Center in New York City to launch the Possible Mediums book.

15 September 2018
The Possible Mediums book by Kelly BairKristy BallietAdam Fure and Kyle Miller is available.

24 March 2018
The Graham Foundation has announced that Kelly BairKristy BallietAdam Fure, and Kyle Miller have been awarded a grant to support the development of the Possible Mediums book.

1 December 2015
We have signed an agreement with ACTAR Publishers. The Possible Mediums book, edited by Kelly BairKristy BallietAdam Fure and Kyle Miller, will be available in 2018.

21 March 2015
Andrew AtwoodKelly BairBrennan BuckAndrew Holder, and Kyle Miller comprise a Super Session at ACSA 103, highlighting the Possible Mediums project. This panel discussion will be moderated by Adam Fure and Kristy Balliet

20 March 2015
In Toronto at the 103rd ACSA Annual Meeting, Adam FureKelly BairKristy Balliet, and Kyle Miller receive the ACSA Creative Achievement Award for the Possible Mediums project.

8 November 2014
Possible Mediums project co-founders Kelly BairKristy BallietAdam Fure, and Kyle Miller, join Michael SpeaksMark LinderHilary SampleMichael YoungBrennan BuckCristina Goberna and Angela Co, at the Fisher Center in New York City for a discussion about the Possible Mediums project and its relationship to the current state of the discipline of architecture.

7 November 2014
The Possible Mediums Exhibition opens at the Fisher Center in New York City with a gallery talk from Kyle Miller. This exhibition, a curated preview of content that will be included in the Possible Mediums book, features new work and writing from numerous emerging designers and academics.

4 April 2014
A review of the Possible Mediums exhibition in the Architectural Review. To read the full article, “Testing the Limits of Architectural Representation” by Michael Abrahamson, visit the AR website (free registration required to access the article).

In summation, the Architecture Review article states, “Not only does the exhibition showcase inventive design research, it also plays host to student workshops, discussions and catered events. Providing a survey of the state of the art on the American scene, the organizers hope to elicit frank conversations concerning nascent speculative discourses. By this measure Possible Mediums is a rousing success.”

22 February 2014
During the final weekend of the Possible Mediums Exhibition Kelly Bair and Michael Loverich lead a workshop with Taubman College and Ohio State’s Knowlton School of Architecture students titled “Shirts and Skins.” The workshop adopted the nomadic sensibility of the Possible Mediums exhibition through the construction of a habitable, wearable, smoky, raucous and pungent tipi that acts as a refuge for ongoing Possible Mediums events.

21 February 2014
As part of the closing events associated with the Possible Mediums Exhibition, Kelly BairKristy BallietAdam Fure, and Kyle Miller are joined by José OubrerieJeffrey KipnisRob LiveseyStephen TurkJohn McMorroughMatias Del CampoClark Thenhaus and others for dinner and discussion inside the Taubman College Liberty Gallery.

18 February 2014
Archinect features photos and information from the Possible Mediums Exhibition opening in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

18 January 2014
Jimenez Lai of Bureau Spectacular leads the first Possible Mediums Workshop in Ann Arbor held within the exhibition.

17 January 2014
The Possible Mediums Exhibition opens to a large crowd at Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning Liberty Gallery after a lecture from Possible Mediums contributor Jimenez Lai. The exhibition showcases a series of design investigations based in speculative architectural mediums, driven by a group of 21 emerging designers. It is being held at the Liberty Gallery from January 17th to February 26th, 2014.

11 December 2013
We did it!!! Thank you to everyone who contributed to our fundraising campaign through Kickstarter and to all of you who continue to show multiple forms of support for this ongoing project. The first showing of the Possible Mediums Exhibition will open on January 17th in Ann Arbor. We hope to see many of you there!

12 November 2013
We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to support the traveling exhibitions and future events. Possible Mediums began with the gracious support of our home institutions, but in order to take the show on the road we need support from all of you!

1 November 2013
The dates for the first venue of the Possible Mediums Exhibition have been scheduled. The show will open at University of Michigan Taubman College’s Liberty Gallery on January 17th, 2014 and run through February 24th. We hope you’ll have a chance to see the show!

15 August 2013
The Graham Foundation has announced that the Possible Mediums project led by Kelly BairKristy BallietAdam Fure, and Kyle Miller has been awarded a grant to support the development of the Possible Mediums traveling exhibition to begin and open in Ann Arbor in January 2014.

23 March 2013
suckerPUNCH has been kind enough to help us share the results of the Possible Mediums conference. Please view the work produced by participants of the workshops from all four categories: Active ModelsExcessive VolumesFigural Projections, and Tactile Objects.

19 February 2013
The Possible Mediums Conference has been featured in Domus. Thank you to Matt Shaw for the generous writeup.

10 February 2013
Possible Mediums happened! Thank you to Jimenez LaiThomas KelleyAngela CoMichael YoungDavid FreelandBrennan BuckJustin DilesEllie AbronsMichael LoverichAndrew HolderJason Kelly JohnsonSimon KimMariana Ibañez and Andrew Atwood for leading workshops and participating in the panel discussions.

10 January 2013
Announcing Possible Mediums, a conference co-hosted by the University of Kentucky, the University of Illinois-Chicago, the University of Michigan, and The Ohio State University. This conference will be chaired by Kelly BairKristy BallietAdam Fure and Kyle Miller.