SyrArch Florence

Syracuse Architecture in Florence presents an opportunity for students to study in one of the world’s most architecturally rich and historically significant cities.


Syracuse Architecture

Syracuse Architecture in Florence presents an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to study in one of the world’s most architecturally rich and historically significant cities.

Primary Issues

Urban Morphology
To study the formal structure and organization of Italian cities and to analyze urban elements and typologies.

Urban Interventions
To operate within the historical urban center and to project possible futures for static urban environments.

Cultural Heritage
To understand traditional and contemporary culture in Italy, and how culture is embodied in the built environment.

Experimental Preservation
To develop alternative and provocative strategies for historic preservation.

Successive Authorship
To add to notable historical acts of architecture and to speculate on their continuous evolution.


Architecture embodies the culture within which it was produced. 

To alter the existence of an artifact is to preserve its continued cultural significance.

A work of architecture is never complete! 



March 28, 2018: Noura Al Sayeh

March 27, 2018: Ana Luisa Soares

March 20, 2018: Clark Thenhaus

February 27, 2018: Keith Krumwiede

February 13, 2018: Ferda Kolatan

January 12, 2018: Nader Tehrani

October 24, 2017: Matilde Cassani

October 3, 2017: Lorenzo Guzzini

September 22, 2017: Jimenez Lai

September 21, 2017: Anna Puigjaner

March 21, 2017: Yasmin Vobis

March 14, 2017: Cristina Goberna Pesudo

March 13, 2017: Andrew Holder

February 28, 2017: Sam Jacob

February 21, 2017: ECOL: Emanuele Barili, Cosimo Balestri, Olivia Gori, and Lorenzo Perri

February 7, 2017: Javier Galindo

December 1, 2016: T+E+A+M: Thom Moran, Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure and Meredith Miller

October 11, 2016: Bryony Roberts

October 7, 2016: Curtis Roth

October 6, 2016: Point Supreme: Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou

Special Events

April 7, 2018: Unearthing Giardino di Boboli w/ Julia Czerniak and Daniel Vasini.

December 1, 2017: Three Reminders Exhibition and Discussion w/ Mollie Claypool, Luca Galofaro, and Karin Templin.

September 23, 2017: Urban Interventions Exhibition and Discussion; Anna Puigjaner and Jimenez Lai with Romina Grillo and Daniel Norell

April 20, 2017: Firenze Interrotta Exhibition and Discussion w/ Mollie Claypool, Olivia Gori, and Matteo Costanzo

April 4, 2017: Landscapes of Reuse Symposium w/ Julia Czerniak, Ilmar Hurkxkens, Thomas Doxiadis, and Chris Reed

February 25, 2017: Outfits Symposium w/ Matilde Cassani, Ambra Fabi, Giovanni Piovene, and Andrea Zanderigo

February 16, 2017: Present Tense Exhibition Opening

December 6, 2016: Firenze Interrotta Exhibition and Discussion w/ Marco Brizzi, Matilde CassaniMaria Claudia Clemente, and Javier Galindo

October 8, 2016: Urban Interventions Exhibition and Discussion; Curtis Roth, Konstantinos Pantazis, and Marianna Rentzou with Olivia Gori, Lorenzo Perri, and Alberto Iacovoni